Sending promotional materials

Want to launch a mail marketing campaign for existing or new networks? 
Thanks to our tried and tested, personalised mail invitations, 
canvassing and raising awareness couldn't be simpler!

You have a comprehensive mailing list. However, depending on your customer's profile, adjustments may be required. Perhaps you even want to convey a different message?'

MASTERmail is a master of personalisation. 

When it comes to promotional mailing, customers don't want to feel like just another number. The more personal the message, the greater the impact and conversion rate of your campaign. That is why MASTERmail is 100% dedicated to personalisation. We will change text, colour, image or even the envelope depending on the profile or the individual. For example, you may want to send separate campaigns to men, women and children. Alternatively, we can also insert your customer's personal contact information at the bottom of the letter. Be sure to ask us about our various personalisation options.

You want to undertake a mail campaign. However, you also wish to bolster your current customer or member base, as it is currently lacking

MASTERmail will fill out your database.

Got little to no new leads? We will work with our external partners to compile a list according to your desired region or customer profile, all fully in line with current GDPR regulation. We will then work with this available data to merge, structure, remove duplicates and bolster your mailing list. We will also fill in any missing information and expand your current database so that you can optimally personalise your campaign.

You have a vague or even a well-developed idea for a promotional campaign, a postcard or a flyer you want to send out, but you haven't yet settled on a particular text or design.'

MASTERmail have just the right partners for the job.

We will sit down together and discuss your idea, giving it shape towards your fully-fledged, direct mail campaign. We advise you on the choice of format, design, type of paper, selecting your target audience, etc. For powerful texts, beautiful designs and professional photography, we are happy to refer you to one of our regular partners, all of whom deliver quality time and again. You can count on our combined expertise to deliver a successful mail campaign in terms of overall conversion rate.

Looking to send promotional letters, leaflets or flyers? We'd love to hear from you! 

For 20 years, MASTERmail has been a true MASTER when it comes to personalising, printing and sending out direct mailings, leaflets and flyers by post. Take advantage of our competitive postage rates. 

Sending promotional materials

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