Sending filled gift boxes

Not only is it a nice touch to receive a lovely gift box through the mail, 
but it is also a great way of deepening your connection with the recipient.
What a great way to bring colleagues, customers or members closer together.  

You want to give your colleagues or members a nice surprise by sending a small but sweet business gift, or perhaps you’re looking for an original gift idea for St Nicholas, Easter, New Year, etc.'

Discover the MASTERsmiles letterbox boxes. 

MASTERsmiles are letterbox boxes filled with treats or original gadgets on a theme of your choosing. But how does it work? Simply choose your favourite box and corresponding card via the MASTERsmiles webshop and upload your mailing list (starting from 10 addresses). We send out the MASTERsmiles with a personalised message to everyone on your mailing list, whether at home and abroad. The box is designed to fit right through the letterbox, meaning the recipient does not need to be in to receive it. Choose your MASTERsmile and send a personal smile in a box.

You’re looking to send filled gift boxes, together with a personalised message, as a way of rewarding or surprising your organisation’s customers, colleagues or members.'

Discover the MASTERsmiles filled gift boxes.

The MASTERsmiles range also includes large, filled gift boxes, which are sent out by post. Our gift boxes contain, for example, a bottle of cava, a bag of crisps, crackers, chocolates or nuts from our hand-selected brands. Just upload your mailing list, your logo and a personalised message for the back of the card. Then, simply choose a shipping date and checkout. All MASTERmail's festive boxes are sent with a big red bow on top.

You want to create a gift box in your own in-house style. Or you’ve put together your own box containing your own products and are simply looking for ways of sending it smoothly and safely through the post.'

MASTERsmiles will also send your gift boxes.

Want to create your own gift box, personalise its contents and add an accompanying message on top? You can! Together, we discuss the best way to approach your overall project. We will choose the right size of box depending on which items you wish to send. Next, we develop a graphic design concept that works with your branding and corporate identity. We take care of printing, filling and sending the gift boxes, always with your personalised message, of course. Starting from 500 units.

Looking to send letterbox boxes or gift boxes? We'd love to hear from you! 

For 20 years, MASTERmail has become a MASTER in personalising, handling and sending off mail items, including small and large gift boxes. Take advantage of our competitive postage rates.

Sending filled gift boxes

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