Sending business letters

Want to send business letters or a large mail volumes to a wide or 
complex list of customers, or perhaps to all members within your organisation? 
With a personalised letter, you can communicate both directly and efficiently.

You have a comprehensive mailing list. However, depending on your customer's profile, adjustments may be required to the text or composition of the documents.'

No problem for MASTERmail. 

Our data specialists will configure your mailing list and ensure that all variable parameters are accurately applied during printing and folding. Our smart software guarantees that the right letters, along with the right name and personal information, arrive in the right envelopes. With MASTERmail, you can send your letters in bulk and personalise them to your heart's content, both in message and in composition.

Your mailing list is large or complex, meaning it is taking a lot of time and energy to print, fold and send all your letters. What's more, postage costs are already running high.'

MASTERmail will take care of everything for you.

Most office printers are not suited to printing large volumes. At MASTERmail, we work with state-of-the-art digital printers that can handle thousands of units per day with razor-sharp results. Combining quantity and quality is possible. Printing, folding, packing and sorting for mailing, all done under one efficient operation. What's more, you also benefit from our competitive postage rates. A standard stamp is up to 3 times more expensive than the rate we offer our clients.

'You want to send business letters to your customers or members to incite a particular action, such as paying a membership fee or visiting a specific web page.'

MASTERmail has the solution.

To bridge the gap between paper and digital, we will insert a personalised QR code within the letter. Today, people are becoming increasingly familiar with using QR codes, making it far easier to guide your readers to a specific web page. The QR code can even be linked to certain payment systems, thereby simplifying and speeding up payments within companies, associations and NGOs.

Want to send large volumes of business mail? We'd love to hear from you!  

For 20 years, MASTERmail has been a true MASTER when it comes to personalising, printing and sending out letters in bulk, both domestically and internationally. Orders start from 500 units. 

Sending business letters

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