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Driven by people & quality

Daniëlle Vanwesenbeeck is the Founder and driving force behind MASTERmail. Out of a passion for taking print and mail campaigns to the next level, she started her own direct mail business in 2004. The focus is on handling high volumes of mail with a high degree of personalisation. Ideal for companies and organisations with extensive mailing lists. MASTERmail has gone through all possible stages of business. It has gone from a start-up business – with only a few printers in someone’s living room – to a thriving SME with a team of 15 staff members and a state-of-the-art production facility on the Leuvense Vaart in Wilsele.

In 2012, I won the Womed Award for Flemish businesswoman of the year. This was a nice moment, as the first few years I was working hard at it 24/7. But I look back on my journey with great pride, and I definitely hope I can inspire other businesswomen to also take the same plunge.

Driven by ideas & innovation

The common thread in MASTERmail's growth story is one of innovation and optimisation. Investments are continuously being made in new equipment to further fine-tune the production process in terms of quality, speed and adaptability. MASTERmail's strength lies in being a trendsetter within the direct mail business. As such, even in the midst of the Covid pandemic, the company launched MASTERsmiles. These comprise original letterbox boxes and filled gift boxes, each sent out with their own personal message. Since then, MASTERsmiles have managed to find their way into quite a number of other businesses.   

When a lot of our sales dropped due to the pandemic, I went back to the cornerstone of MASTERmail's expertise: printing, handling and mailing. And so came about the idea of gift boxes and letterbox boxes for companies and associations. Quite a success!

Driven by service & sustainability

MASTERmail works for major players in the automotive sector, banks, real estate, media, the events sector, telecoms and energy providers. That being said, MASTERmail also work with SMEs, associations and NGOs. Whether small or large clients, minimum or maximum orders, in the world of digital printing, MASTERmail is making a difference with its personalised service and outspoken expertise. This is how we have managed to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. For its part, MASTERmail is also investing towards a sustainable future by installing solar panels and operating its own green vehicle fleet.

In this fast-moving world, it's always important to be thinking two steps ahead. What works today may be irrelevant tomorrow. The trend we are noticing is that businesses and marketing agencies are increasingly adopting a cross-media approach, combining digital campaigns with personalised mail campaigns for greater impact.

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